What does an Osteopathic check-up involve?

Are you suffering with a little niggle that comes and goes, an easy pain to ignore? Have you realized that the pain has been around for months rather than weeks? This may be a referred pain which, if you catch it early, can prevent it from developing to a more chronic problem.

As osteopaths, we are experts at recognising when an individual’s body is functioning correctly. When it is, the body is flexible, the muscle tone is balanced and all of the joints in the spine function to their maximum ability. When the body is not working in optimal balance it is disrupted; a predisposition to injury exists, and recurrent muscular tension, aches and pains can commonly develop.

An osteopathic check-up offers you the opportunity for you to consult an osteopath who will give your body a very thorough examination.

What happens during a check-up:

A regular osteopathic check-up to keep your body in good order, is a good way to prevent injuries from occurring. The time framework of a visit depends on the individual and can be discussed with your osteopath.

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