Osteopath – Mr. C. Giffard-Tutt

image1Caspar grew up in Norfolk being a highly active individual playing a large variety of sports including squash, football and cricket from a young age. Caspar has himself experienced several injuries from sports which gave him his first insight into osteopathic assessment and treatment. The initial interest led to Caspar training at Leeds Beckett University completing a Masters degree in Osteopathy.

Caspar utilises a mainly structural approach that considers osteopathic principles, viewing the body as a whole. The principle informs us that injury, asymmetry or weakness within the one area of the body results in changes throughout the body hence assessing globally is vitally important. Caspar’s management style consequently starts with local treatment initially, then leads to the identification areas of dysfunction elsewhere to reduce the likelihood of future injury.

Caspar is comfortable helping issues such as acute sports related injuries, aches from work posture and long standing chronic complaints. Alongside osteopathic treatment he can also also provide advice on posture, exercises for the future and simple lifestyle modifications tailored to help yourself recover faster and promote functionality.

Additionally Caspar is also qualified to use in Cranial Osteopathy and dry needling using acupuncture points alongside an osteopathic approach.


Osteopath – Mrs. L. Pike

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