Osteopath – Mr. A. Smith


I am a passionate and enthusiastic health professional. My experience includes 10 years Personal Training and8 yearssports massage. I have worked with an array of different people through out my years in the health and fitness industry, from sports people tomanual andoffice workers. I hold a level 3 diploma in Personal training, level 3massage qualification and a MSc in Osteopathic medicinethrough Surrey university.

I have been a keen sportsman throughout my life playinga number of sportsasakid and adolescentsuch as rugby, football,cricketandhavealsotrainedThaiboxingfor over ten years now.My interest in Osteopathy stemmed from being taught by Osteopaths when completing a diploma in sports massageand admiring their knowledge. As a Personal Trainer I had a lot of clients complaining of various injuries but did not have enough knowledge to offer expertise in this area,I have now found that expertise within the study of Osteopathic medicine.

I am a structural Osteopaththat works with all age ranges and ailments. I aim to educate patients to help them more understand their own body.Also using my vast experience in functionaltraining,I like to advise home exercises for patients to improve strength, stability and flexibility forspecificjoints and muscles to aid recovery.My passion is bringing healing to people in theform of manual medicine to ease peoples suffering and bring backfunctionalityand enjoyment into their everyday life.I believe by listening to patients and thorough examination the root causes of illness and injury can befound,and barriers removed to help the body express full health.


Osteopath – Mrs. L. Pike

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