Sports Injuries

The term ‘sports injury’ in its most basic sense refers to any injury which occurs during sport or exercise. The most common causes of sports injuries are a fall or heavy blow, poor training practices or inappropriate training gear. Some can also be caused by inadequate warming up or stretching before and after exercise or even over-exercising beyond you current fitness level.

The most common types of sports injuries are:

Acute sports injuries

Occur suddenly when playing sport or exercising such as sprained ankles and strained muscles or fractures. Signs of an acute injury are.

Chronic sports injuries

These are on-going injuries which may prevent you from playing or exercising. The pain can be brought on whilst exercising or build gradually after exercising. Chronic injuries are often niggling intermittent problems which you can put up with. Signs of a chronic injury include;

How can we help?

Our therapists will take a thorough case history and perform a series of physical tests in order to reach an accurate diagnosis for your specific complaint.

In some cases it may be necessary to assess the whole posture; back, pelvis, gait and feet. Poor foot mechanics (eg excessive pronation) can predispose a patient to knee pain or an injured hip can refer pain to the knee.  Unequal leg lengths can contribute to back, knee or hip pain. Frequently, with reoccurring sports injuries, we find that another part of the body requires attention to prevent the injury from returning. Faulty equipment, such as poor trainers when running or the wrong grip width on a tennis racket, can contribute to injuries.

Following your assessment you will be given advice on how to maximise your recovery and to prevent further injury such as.

How to prevent sports injuries

What to do if i get injured?

Stop the activity immediately, never try and play through the pain as this may cause further damage and possibly prolong your recovery. Often the extent of the injury may not be instantly apparent at the time but it is advisable to call a health professional if…

If you are unsure about whether osteopathy is appropriate for you or you need some advice regarding your condition please ring our friendly therapists at Osteopathy Care who will be more than happy to help.

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