Sports Massage

Sports Massage

is an ideal way to help keep you in optimum shape. Whether you are an elite athlete at the top of your sport, or in need of relief from muscular tension that has accumulated over time, due to postural habits from remaining immobile for long periods in a sedentary job, a sports massage can help prevent injury but speed up your recovery. A sports massage works on the soft tissues of the body using hands on treatment in combination with a personalized stretching programme to aid rehabilitation, muscles, tendons and ligaments can all be kept in great shape. Many clients who suffer injuries from sport, work, lifestyle or postural problems find they get huge benefits from sports massage.

What are the benefits of sports massage?

What Can You Expect?

You will be asked a series of questions about your general health, your goals and the specific areas you would like addressed. Treatments will typically last between 30 and 60 minutes depending on your request or what we feel is required. Following the treatment, the therapist will give you advice regarding the best way to maximize the effects of the treatment over the following few days.

If you are experiencing conditions such as muscular tension, soft tissue injury or strain, muscular imbalance and postural problems, a sports massage could be exactly what you need. If you are unsure whether a sports massage is suitable for you please feel free to ring our friendly practitioners, who will happily answer any questions to put you on the right path to recovery and to help you fulfill your performance goals.

If you have any questions please contact us by email or phone.


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