I’d like to thank you for the treatment that you gave me on my Achilles tendon, my knee, back and dizziness/balance problems. It was all excellent, and i know that at some time in the future I shall be seeking more testament with you!
Mrs B Mitchell, London

I have seen various different people for my shoulder injury, including physio’s. Lucy was the only one who managed to get to the route of the problem and solve it.
R. Pinto, Peterborough

I’m so glad to have found Lucy. From curing the pains in my foot, to sorting out my shoulders and upper back, her treatments are always concise, detailed, and very thorough. She explains what is wrong, how she’s going to fix it, and gives you exercises to do to supplement the work she does. She is focussed on getting you well as quickly as possible, and every time I’ve seen her I’ve come away feeling better and well on the road to recovery.

In addition, everyone at the practice is extremely friendly and very professional, and I always enjoy going there. It’s an all round positive experience.
Keith Dickinson

I have been seeing Lucy for some years now for back and neck problems, caused by past rugby and current hockey playing. Lucy always quickly locates the source of the pain and very successfully relieves the pressure .

I can thoroughly recommend Lucy for Osteopathic treatment !
Martin Riddett

A fantastic experience, very professional. Lucy has really helped to make my neck better.
Natalie Skingle

Thanks Ollie, I had been suffering for weeks with a painful back and now I feel so much better!
B Rainford

Lucy has treated me for a long time for back problems. The treatment has really helped me and probably the reason why my golf handicap has reduced!
Stephen Blaxland

Fantastic treatment really got to the root of the problem. Would highly recommend to everyone.
Paul Marston-Weston


I’ve been seeing Lucy now on and off for some years, and on every occasion, whether it be for neck, back, or muscle strains she has always worked wonders and got me back to normal . I wholly recommend seeing Lucy if you need osteopathic care in the Twickenham area!

I am a sportsman, and after a bit too enthusiastic training schedule for my age, found I had done some serious damage to more than one muscle and was in need of more than a little attention.

Despite her small stature Lucy delivered some pretty eyewatering manoeuvers on my calf muscles, but did the trick, sorted my back and hamstring strain in a matter of weeks. Regularly MOTed here . Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Good job done.

Very good osteopath
I have been treated several times by Lucy at Twickenham Health Care Clinic and have been very pleased. Had severe neck and shoulder problems, much relieved afterwards. Very personable and friendly yet professional and really know their stuff. Reasonable price, staff at clinic very knowledgeable and friendly, hard to find as clinic is podiatrists clinic, its got a spine in the window of I would never have found it! Not a flashy place but I am very happy here and would recommend.

Thank you car from Ms G Wallis-Bar

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